Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-9 Simple Ways To Lighten Your Dark Area At Home

9 Simple Ways To Lighten Your Dark Area At Home


1. Lemons
Lemons are excellent lightening agents. First clean the area properly and then apply lemon juice. Wait for 5 -10 minutes before washing it off. You will find that the skin tone has started lightening within a few days.

2. Sandalwood and rose water

Rose water, combined with sandal wood, can help in lightening dark private areas. Just mix them to form a paste and then apply it for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

3. Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera has excellent medicinal properties, and if often used to lighten dark spots. Just apply aloe vera gel on the dark area, and keep it for 20 minutes to half an hour. But you have to ensure that the gel doesn’t have any impurities.

4. Plain Yogurt

Yogurt can lighten dark spots, and also provides a soothing effect. Apply yogurt on the dark areas, and massage it gently for a few minutes before washing it off with water. Continue this daily for at least a week to see improvements.

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