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9 Points Prove That You're An Easy Going Girlfriend

9 Points Prove That You're An Easy Going Girlfriend

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Love relationships are one of those kinds which can change your life upside down. When from a girl you become a girlfriend things get to change a lot, you have a lot of things going in your mind about your boyfriend. All his major and minor acts concern you a lot. But, many times you ask yourself that the way you behaving with him how he is actually finding it. You might get confused that your boyfriend may not like your little act of kindness. But, girls here are 9 points through which you can see that what kind of girlfriend you are that typical nasty one or a totally chilled one.Via popxo

She doesn't love to argue unnecessarily

You are very adaptable and adjust accordingly without arguing or questioning much.

2. You never complicate matters.

You always leave and ignore those little things that you don't agree upon because you really well know that these simple looking matters can bring knots in your relationships so keeping quiet and ignoring is the best possible way.

3. You can easily get along with his friends too


If he is always there to join your gang, which is most of the times a girl gang, then even you get along with his friends well and you always think that it is your love and commitment towards him.

4. After all you are not a spy


You very well understand that he has a personal life and now you are a part of it, so you don't ping him unnecessary to know what he is doing, where he is etc. But, that does not mean you don't care for him. After all, you don't want him to get irritated by you and your actions. Over dose of everything is bad.

5. You nod in too when checks out someone else.


You are well aware of the fact that no one is perfect and so you accept the fact that there are flaws in yourself too. If your guy checks out some other woman too you are ok with it, after all, trust is also an important thing.

6. He can ask you out at the last moment too.


He is really free with you so even if he made a plan at the end moment and he knows that you are free, he asks you too, and you happily agree too. Hey! No ego clashes here.

7. He has own boy gang too!


You never complain if he is out with his own gang and if did not include you, you give him his own space too. You always understand that his friends are also important as your own.

8. You still love him even if he is in touch with his ex.


You very well understand the fact that, you occupy that special place in his life. So, even if he in touch with his past he has a different approach towards it. You don't find this idea that good but yet you are OK with it.

9. Checking his phone was always a bad idea for you.


You trust him completely as whatever he says you blindly believe in it. You have a heart that you simply listen to. You really think that he is loyal to you and will never break his promises.

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