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9-Month Journey Of Foetus Exposed Beautifully Using Photographs


"A baby in your life can fill the dark emptiness in a way nothing else can."The moment a woman realises that she is carrying a new life in her womb is the day when she is re-born. Those little feet when kick inside the womb give lifetime footprints on mother's heart. To watch the delicate moments of the whole of the nine-month timeline is loved by every expecting parent and why shouldn't they, after all, it's their lifetime achievement. Lennart Nilsson is a Swedish photographer who spent almost 12 years of his life in capturing the incredible pictures of the foetus growing older every week inside the womb.

Lonely sperm

Single sperm present in a fallopian tube searching for its egg cell to attack.

When two sperms met

What a time it was when two long-lost sperms found each other. They had a date and decided to get into a single life. So, they further attacked the egg cell.

After 8 days of meeting

It was a winning moment when the two sperms successfully form a single life. They named it as a ‘fetus' and attached it to the wall of the uterus.

After a month

The fetus that can also be called as the human embryo was able to develop the brain inside it.

After 5 weeks

The new one has grown up to 9 mm and is able to be distinguished by its facial outlining and eye holes.

In 40 days

The embryonic cells of the embryo form the placenta.

In 8 weeks

The growing baby is protected inside a foetal sac.

In 16 weeks

After completing the eight-week cycle, the embryo converts into a foetus and it starts recognizing its own body.

After 16 weeks

The skeleton is formed that mainly consists of flexible cartilage. A web of blood vessels is clearly visible through the translucent skin of the baby.

In 18 weeks

The baby has grown up to 14 cm and is able to discover sounds from the surrounding.

In 19 & 20 weeks

The foetus grows approximately 20 cm long and has now, developed nails on fingers and hair on the body.

In 24 weeks

In 24 weeks, baby starts getting active.

In 26 weeks

Despite laying flat inside the womb, the baby grows longer and gets totally active.

After 6 months

The little human similar to its parent is ready to come out of the uterus.

In 36 weeks

The little one changes its position to get out easily, and the baby is ready to conquer the world in the coming four weeks. SHARE the most precious time of any women's life with everyone and feel the power of giving birth.

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