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9 Easy to Do Blue Nail Art Designs

Pink is almost always the first choice when it comes to nail art but Blue certainly has a charm of its own. Every shade of blue nail colour bespeaks a look that can be cute or classy, dazzling or delightful, bold or bewitching and a whole lot more. Blue nail art is by no means a novel look but it still is a suave choice that's sure to get your nails the attention they seek. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, here are some of the best blue nail art selections that you can have fun with.

Polka Dot Nail Art:

Polka dot nail art may seem complicated but it really is the easiest of all. Two colours of nail polish, a toothpick and 15 minutes is all it takes. Start by painting your nails with the blue base coat and let it dry. Follow it up with the black nail enamel at the tips of the nails and for the finishing touch, dip the end of the toothpick in the same black nail enamel and dab it gently to create the dots. The glittering blue and black is a killer combination that is simple yet eye-catching.

Turquoise Blue Nail Art:
Turquoise blue nails are perfect for the summer season. It has a cool and refreshing look and looks extremely graceful and stylish on its own. For an added touch of elegance use white stones along the base of the nails.

Jail House Rock:

Want to create a bad girl effect? Go with this 'Jail House Rock' themed nail art design. First paint the nails of your thumb, index and little finger in a shade of dark or federal blue matte nail color. Then paint the other two nails with a white base coat and follow it up with horizontal lines of prisoner stripes in the same blue color. Add a top coat for a nice glean.

Electric Blue Nail Art:

For a hot date out on town, skip the oft preferred choice of red nail colour for electric blue instead. This shade of blue is as electrifying as a crimson red and will surely make your guy take notice. Apply a matte base coat to the nails and step it up a notch with an application of glitter nail polish to just the ring fingernail on each hand. Don't forget to apply a shiny top coat to the rest of the nails for the final shimmering effect.

Winter Blues:

The good thing about blue nail art is that there is a shade for every season. There's nothing like a classic blue nail art design to lift up your spirits. It's a simple yet delectable design done in a base coat of dark blue followed by a translucent top coat for a smooth and shiny finish. Use different shades of nail colour for the flowery design at the tips by applying them with the end of a toothpick or you could use colourful glitter stones.

Starry Nights:

This starry night themed blue nail art is a typical design for young girls. It is simply done using blue glitter nail polish for the base. The stars are then designed with a toothpick dipped in white nail polish.

Snowflake Nail Art:

Another splendid winter themed nail art design that has been done with a turquoise blue base coat and decorated with varying snowflake designs in white nail colour for a cutesy look.

Blue Passion and Golden Delight:

This nail art design is an archetype of how the simplest of designs can be the most alluring with the right technique and colour combination. The base is done in navy blue with a matte finish and daubed with gold nail polish to create golden flakes. This design has sophistication written all over it.

Blue French Manicure:

With Valentine's Day around the corner, try a French manicure with a different flavour. Use a nice shade of blue for the tips. For a more romantic feel, use a dark blue glitter nail polish. It creates a breathtaking contrast against the transparent base and if you're looking to bring out the beautiful woman in you, add a flower against each curve seen here in a white outer base with splashes of yellow within.

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