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9 Dangerous Things People Do Intentionally

We people love to be daredevils. But the thing we forget is BEING SMART. We make such crapy mistakes which prove we are too stupid for our own inventions. We don't perform all these dangerous acts, as we lack knowledge because, honestly, don't we have enough sources and ‘hazardous alerts' to be warned about all the life-threatening things around us? They just seem so trivial that we don't seem to care and land in a comedy of errors!  Here's a thought: Be a daredevil, but a smart one. Doing these is simply Insane.

1) No Smoking….. At least at a petrol pump!!


Despite a 100 signboards you don't fathom that smoking is injurious to health…NO PROBLEM!!! But at least don't risk thousand other lives along with yours.

2) Don't you love your child?

Do you know in many countries parents are not even allowed to carry their child in car until you have an extra help! Where as people carry two or sometimes even 3 toddlers .. and put lives at risk.

3) Use Seatbelts!

Aww… good girls!! But not all are so good. Since years, people are asking you to wear belts or helmets ….yet for us, our beautiful dress and well-set hair has more priority than life.

4) Pouring water to put out an electrical fire.

This is extremely dangerous. Water is a good conductor of electricity. So, the electricity from the fire can shoot through the water and shock you possibly to death.

5) Sneezy

Never control your sneeze…. may you be in a meeting with the president. Do you know what happens when you try to stop sneezing?? You can simply pop a blood vessel in your body…. So either be shy or go to a hospital.

6) Wandering away while the food is getting cooked in the kitchen stove.

We often dawdle off and forget about the food. Especially, when we're alone or doing something menial like boiling the milk. So, just don't do it … you never know what might be waiting for you when you return!!

7) Leaving heaters on overnight.

This is the most general mistake that people make. Similarly like how the AC leaves you freezing in the night, heaters have the same effect. In fact, they can ignite house-fires too.

8) Drinking and driving

This list would not be complete without this point. Perhaps one of the greatest fears of a person is to receive a late-night call from the local law enforcement agency notifying you that a vehicle registered to your household has been in a serious accident.

9) Texting while crossing the road.

Text 1: Hey baby! Text 2: I am going to work..Come on people…. you could just keep you phone aside for like a second, its not as if i am asking you to be SENSIBLE. Be logical in your actions.

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