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9 Bizarre Death Truths You Can Never Escape From

9 Bizarre Death Truths You Can Never Escape From

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Death is more certain than any other things–being rich, having a partner, graduating from a degree, becoming successful. I am not overstating, or being too negative about it but for some, it is their reality. Talking about death can be sensitive to some but mind you, there are truths about it that you cannot deny or run from. I am not discouraging you for anything, just believe and see, so you could do something 'nice' about it. Via

1. Yearly deaths due to doctors' poor penmanship


In a year, at least seven thousand patients lose their lives because of improper medication brought about by the ugly writing of doctors on their medical prescriptions.

2. Lefthanders have the edge in dying first


Relatively, on the average, left-handers can die three years earlier than the right-handers.

3. Biochemical basis of death


Enzymes within your body will feed on you three days after you die.

4. Mount Everest Live Gallery of Skeletons


If you mind to hike at Everest, you could see as much as 200 skeleton sets on the way. You might love to climb up there even more upon hearing this.

5. New York Death Toll


So far, New York's count on murder victims is surpassed by number of successful suicide cases. Meaning, more New Yorkers kill themselves that being killed.

6. Time origin of Burying the dead


Resources and other literature exposed that the first case of burying dead people occurred approximately 350,000 years ago.

7. Dead people stratistics


In the whole course of human history, at least 100,000,000,000 people passed away.

8. On Birthday celebrations and Death Anniversaries


Did you know that more than 150,000 people die around the world on your birth date?

9. Sharks vs Coconut


Studies reveal that one's chance of dying over 'hungry sharks' is lesser than when a fallen coconut fruit has smashed you in your head. Hope you liked the story, share if it was worth reading.

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