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9 Best Orange Nail Polishes and Shades

This Autumn-Winter every runway sported orange as their bright pop of sunshine. While this citrus hue is mostly associated with everything illegal in the west, some fashion experts went on to proclaim that orange was the new black!

So here is a list of the most stunning oranges one can sport on their fingertips while the style still lasts.

1. OPI: In My Back Pocket:

It's really fun, bright, neon orange that can be moderated as per mood. Use a single coat for a clear and creamy tint. Apply more coats for a brighter hue. The name of the shade is unconventionally true to the OPI style. Add a clear top coat to add more gloss.

2. OPI: Ginger Bells:

This color is best described as a cinnamon-y burnt orange. This is a very warm and unconventional shade of orange.  Especially for those who don't prefer candy bright hues. A long lasting creamy formula that looks appealing in the very first coat. This toasty orange is certainly a style steal.

3. OPI: Schnapps Out of It :

Beautiful color and part of the Germany collection. When we think Germany we automatically think of Schnapps. So imagine a sweet and potent orange shade and what you will get is this nail polish. It is not neon bright but a very classy muted and soothing color which looks good across ages.

4. OPI: A Roll in The Hague:

Part of the Holland Collection this color is also the national color of Holland. The Dutch Royal family is synonymous with orange dating back to the dynasty of William van Oranje. This color is a fitting tribute to the country where orange stands for the Dutch pride and unity.

5. Chanel Le Vernis: Orange Fizz:

Presenting a must-have color, that'll add sheer brilliance to your fingertips. Straight from the runways of Paris is a wonderful nail color that also strengthens and moisturizes the nails. It comes in a Chanel patented non-spill bottle for easy use.

6. Essie: Fear or Desire:

Finally an orange that spells summer!  It is a muted sun kissed orange with yellow undertones. Perfect for that white and orange sun dress you'll don this summer. It is a glossy finish nail polish that gives effortless coverage and a creamy vivid tint.

7. Rimmel London: Sunset orange:

Lasting finish pro polish is a long lasting chip resistant nail polish range from the house of Rimmel London.
It's an orangey coral tint that is a perfect relief to the red and pinks. Those who don't prefer orange will also like this color for its unique hue. It's easy to apply and thin but post application it dries fast.  It is not very glossy. It gives the appearance of freshly unwrapped and very tempting orange popsicles.

8. Maybelline: Sweet Clementine:

In comes the neon orange from Maybelline's Color Show collection. A vivid orange color that is so bright, that it can be spotted from a distance. True to the name it is a color between a tangerine and a sweet orange. A pop of this color and your nails are surely going to be conversation starters.

9. OPI:  Live Love Carnaval:

The latest from the OPI Brazil Collection 2014 is this captivating orange. Luscious, tinted, buttery and glossy are the best words to summarize this shade of orange. Flawless application and if one is careful only one coat is enough to get a bright and opaque finish. This vibrant hue captures the bright colorful Brazilian spirit and is a perfect addition to this special country based collection.
Orange is the latest most stylish shade available in the market. With a variety of hues to choose from, grab yours before everyone else does.

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