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9 Best Neon Nail Polishes Available in India

The latest trend in the fashion industry is the use of neon colours everywhere. From clothes to highlighters to accessories like nail polish, neon colours are creating a sensation worldwide. Neon nail polish has a striking quality of glowing in the dark and there is a wide variety available in several funky colours. These neon colours are mostly preferred by disc and party hopping youngsters who love to add zing to their personalities. These neon nail polishes give an interesting and attractive look to one's appearance. Mentioned below are the top 9 neon nail polishes that you can choose from to enhance your persona.

1. Hard Candy Just Nails Nail Polish in Teal:

This is an intense neon colour nail polish that is ideal to wear in summers. It looks good on both young and the not so young people. The added attraction to this neon nail polish is that it comes with a heart shaped plastic ring that can be worn to highlight the fingers bearing this hard candy nail polish. Price 315 INR

2. Nicole Form One Lime Nic's Sticks Nail Polish:

This convenient neon nail colour from Nicole is very easy to apply as it is in the form of brush and the lime colour can be worn almost anywhere. It brightens up the hand as the neon element in lime colour stands out. It is priced at 450INR.

3. Sinful Colors Professional in Irish Green:

This is an amazing colour that one can wear on occasions like the St. Patrick's Day. This neon colour is a tad bold and looks good on almost every one. It is reasonably priced at 126 INR.

4. New York Color in Pink Promenade:

This shocking pink nail enamel is funky and gives a youthful look to any hand. The added advantage is that it can be worn for a longer period and is readily available. Priced at 126INR this neon colour is worth the price.

5. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Lightening:

This well-known brand houses daring neon yellow that add a lot of life to the otherwise dull fingers. The added advantage is that it dries up real fast and prevents smudges. Priced at 515INR this is slightly expensive but again worth the price.

6. Essie in Bright Tights:

This brand is famous for the neon bright polishes and rightfully so. Its neon orange colour is exceptionally hot and fancy. It symbolises the spring season and looks excellent when worn with denim outfits. Priced at 500INR this extraordinary colour is a must have.

7. OPI A Grape Fit:

OPI's A Grape Fit originates from Paige collaboration. It is a shocking purple shade that is very exclusive and difficult to find. This neon colour gels well with fuchsia coloured outfits .It is priced at 450 INR

8. Sinful Colors Professional in Scandal:

As the name suggests this brand houses a different shade of hot pink. It justifies the term "scandal" and will look very ravishing in the spring season. This polish particularly looks very nice on short talons and are easily available at 125 INR

9. New York Color in a Color Minute in East Village:

Another colour with a quick dry quality is available in East Village. This hue can complement any outfit and can be worn every day to the office as well. It is available at 125 INR and is excellent for the price.

Neon coloured nail polishes are very popular these days and variations are available in several brands. Should you wish to don funky attire, accessorising with the above mentioned neon nail polish is a must.

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