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9 Best Glitter Nail Polishes and Shades

Glitter Nail Polishes have a buzz all over the fashion world. These are a latest trend and a totally new dimension in the world of nail paint. Most of the glitter nail paints have chunks of glitters that give a bold shine to the nails. These are easy to apply, lust like any other nail paint, but its effects are manifold better.

Listed are a few most popular shades and brands of Glitter Nail Paints to choose from and experiment a very new look for your nails. These are safe to use and do not damage the nails and keep its natural shine intact.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in Big Money:

The glittery effect that this nail polish creates is a strong hue of rose gold. It looks absolutely stunning on all shapes and sizes of nails. Application of three coats makes the tinge of gold very realistic.
Price is Rs. 430

 2. NYX Multi Glitter:

The base of the nail paint is transparent but it has multi colored glitters of various sizes. On application, these hexagonal glitters give a very nice shine and compliment all skin complexions.
Price is Rs. 250

3. Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Chelsea Square:

The paint has pink hues that make it shine like a disco ball on application. Two coats of the paint applied to medium length oval nails make the hands look very delicate and feminine.
Price is Rs. 440

4. Jordana Glitters: Cosmic:

Those fond of blue and green tints of nail color will fall in love with this nail polish at one go. It has sparkling blue and green glitters that give a deep blue sea effect on application over a dark shade of blue.
Price is Rs. 565

5. OPI Nail Lacquer in the Living Daylights:

This is again a multi glitter nail paint that makes the nails look very shiny and full of life. It goes well practically with all kind of complexions and nail shapes without making it look over done.
Price is Rs. 420

6. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Nail Polish in Black Pearl:

This is a shade between steel gray and jet black that makes your nails and fingers look long and sleek. The shine is just appropriate to go with black nail paint without making it look like a kid's artwork.
Price is Rs. 2260

7. Orly Brave:

In most of the nail polishes you find minute glitter particles or hexagonal glitter particles, this one is very different from those. It has bar-shaped purpl-y glitter that gives nice undertones from pink to purple. It can be used individually or on top of other shades that complement.
Price is Rs. 610

8. China Glaze Solar Flare:

The polish has a strong golden glitter that gives your hands a very nice shine. The nail polish clearly stands out from all the other brands and shades of glittery nail paints you can find. You just need to be sure that your hand does not look dark with the nail paint on.
Price is Rs. 345

9. Essie Nail Lacquer in Leading Lady:

Blood red has always been girl's favorite. This is a reddish nail color with a lot of sparkles that make the hand look very bright and attractive. All you need is clean manicured fingernails to make the nail paint look absolutely stunning.
Price is Rs. 345

Glitter Nail paints are definitely pricey that the regular nail paints, but its outcome makes the product worth. It surely looks very trendy and attractive. These also last longer than regular nail paints and do not damage the nails at all.


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