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9 Best Black And White Nail Art Designs

Nail art has recently gained a lot of popularity. Now a layman, in nail art, will feel that painting your nails with a bottle of some exquisite colour of nail polish is as far as nail art can go. However creative geniuses have taken this form of art to the other level. Today nail art has become a skill that is not easily found and very expensive when bought. Designers paint nails with such delicate and elaborate designs that it will leave you stunned. Small as most nails are, you'd be surprised at the detailing that these designs generally have! Here are the top black and white nail art designs.

Half Nail Feather Design:

This design involves just the top of your nails. Beautifully painted feathers, half white and half black with just a touch of glitter, they look excellent! However making them is no piece of cake. The thin strokes require extreme precision and skill to be done correctly.

Black Pattern on White Background:

This kind of a design can be easy or difficult, depending on the pattern you choose. First of all you have to paint a coat of white on your nails. This is your background. Now you use black nail paint to make patterns over this. This particular picture shows a leafy pattern that makes it look sophisticatedly traditional.

Yin and Yang:

Whenever one thinks of black and white designs, an image of the yin and yang symbol has to come to one's mind! This design is fairly simple to make. Again paint your nail completely white first. Then white the help of black colour make the symbol. You can make the symbol on all nails or choose to do it on one or two leaving the rest plain white.

Polka Dots:

Black polka dots on a white background or vice-versa look excellent! To make it a more stylish design you can make the dots of varying sizes and keep it restricted to the top half of your nail. Sort of a border.


This design is as artistic as it is innovative. Here you make snowflakes with a black colour on a white background. Each snowflake is of a different kind. You can make simple snowflakes, creative ones or artistic ones.
Mickey Mouse Design:

This is a cute and attractive pattern. You paint your entire nail in either black or white. Then take the other colour and make small Mickey silhouettes with it. if you want to keep it simple, make just one Mickey in a corner. Or you can place it at regular intervals throughout the nail.

Combination of Patterns:

If you happen to like many of the designs and can't choose, you can do them all at once! Select a particular design for each nail and just make it. Your hand will look funky and very stylish. You can make stripes, dots, a suit imitation and so on.


Plain and simple stripes look elegant and stylish too. These are the easiest choice if you know that your skills aren't that accomplished yet. Make a background of either white or black and then make stripes on it with the other colour. You can make vertical stripes, horizontal or even diagonal. You can even make designs with those stripes, like the peace symbol.

Bordered Nails:

Black and white patterns placed at the top of the nail look elegant. A black border with white dots of different sizes sporadically placed, look sophisticated and stylish. You can make other patterns too! The variations in such designs are innumerable. Let your creative mind think out of the box.

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