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8 Struggles People With Long Hair Face Everyday


If you have long hair, this article is for you! This article shows the daily struggles which people with long hair have to go through. Long hair seems wonderful but it takes a hell lot of hard work to maintain. Long hair only looks good if they are well nourished and lustrous. These problems could be anything from hair in the sink or hair stuck on the seatbelt. Read on to know more about these struggles.

Hair stuck on jewelry:

When you remove your jewelry and all your hair gets stuck with your jewelry. Now the real struggle starts. It takes hours to remove your hair from the jewelry, and it usually ends with a lot of pain.

Hair in the bathroom:

You always have to clean the bathroom after a long bath so that your friends or partner won't have any problems. The bathroom has your hair all around. There's hair In the sink too.

Seat belt problems:

You are getting late for your work and you drive to your workplace at full speed only to see that your hair is stuck on the seatbelt buckle. Good luck explaining this to your boss for the next few hours.

Zipper problems:

It's annoying when your hair gets stuck in between your zipper. It usually ends in two choices, either you cut your hair or you cut the zipper and carry it along for the rest of your life.

Balancing the shampoo and conditioner use:

People often tell you how they use shampoos and conditioners in exact same amounts. But, you on the other hand use double the amount of conditioner with each shampoo use.

Car Problems:

By mistake, you have left your hair open and you have opened your car window. Well, you just made the most terrible mistake of your life. Best of luck tying them back neatly.

Drying you hair:

If you need to dry your hair for a party, it is no less than a full-fledged arm work out. Make sure to take a lot of carbs that day.


If you need to put bobby pins on your hair, make sure you own a full pack or you will be in trouble. Your long hair costs more than you think it does.

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