Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-8 Simple Eye Makeup Tricks To Enhance Beauty Instantly

8 Simple Eye Makeup Tricks To Enhance Beauty Instantly

The eyes are the windows to a person's soul. Well, undoubtedly. And that's the reason they play a major, MAJOR role in creating the first impression. If dealt properly, just a little bit of eye makeup can tremendously enhance your appearance without much trouble to go through. And as always, we at WittyFeed are here to help you with the same!


With these amazing eye makeup hacks, all the guests will be lost in the beauty reflecting from your face!

1) Decorate your eyebrows

You can use brush, shadows, pencils, etc. to enhance them and give a sharper look.

2) Using highlighter

Highlighter is used to give a glowing appearance the face. Contouring eyebrows with proper shade highlighter and applying some on the inner corners of the eyes can make the eyes pretty expressive.

3) Drawing arrows

They aren't very tough to draw with pencils and they'll never go out of fashion. Like NEVER!

4) Creating smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are the best since they go perfectly with both day and night makeup. The smoky look creates a color contrast, thus making the eyes appear brighter and expressive.

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