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8 Serious Health Issues That Can Occur If You Sit Cross-Legged


Crossing your knees while sitting comes naturally to us. People find it elegant and more ladylike. It's almost our second nature, to cross our legs while sitting. We don't generally give it a thought. We adopt this pose automatically but do you even know that there can be some serious consequences of sitting cross-legged. Girls do look attractive and sexy while sitting in that way but some bad things can happen to your body if you sit for a long period of time in that posture. Let's check it out, that what all are the consequences of sitting in that posture.

1. You can suffer from peroneal nerve paralysis

If you sit cross-legged for a long period then it is possible that you will soon suffer from a disease named peroneal nerve palsy. It's a sort of paralysis. Therefore, try to avoid sitting in this position for prolonged hours.

2. You can have pelvic disorder

Pelvic region is a sensitive region and if you sit in a cross-legged position for long period of time then you are sure going to suffer from pelvic imbalance.

3. Your joints can move out of place

Sitting in this position for long can cause serious problems to your joints. Your joints can move out of place. The disturbed alignment of joints can be problematic in future for you. You can have walking issues too.

4. You can have cramps and numbness in your legs

We do experience numbness, cramps and pain in our legs while sitting in the same posture for long hours. This can also happen with you when you sit with your legs crossed because the blood circulation is very poor in this position.

5. The alignment of your spinal cord can get imbalance

We know that proper spinal alignment is very much required in maintaining proper body posture. Though sitting in cross-legged position can disturb spinal cords balance resulting in bad body posture.

6. Your blood pressure can increase

Crossing your legs put a lot of pressure on your veins underneath your knees. This can increase blood flow and can increase the unnecessary burden on your heart. This can lead to many heart problems also.

7. Varicose veins occur in your legs

Varicose veins or spider veins are very much unappealing and can cause a lot of problems like leg pain, burning, throbbing and increase in fatigue. These veins occur when we sit continuously in the same posture. Generally, occurs with people who always sit cross-legged.

8. Your legs can get numb and tired

If you sit for more than three hours in the cross-legged position, then your legs will get numb and you will feel tired. Fatigue will take over you and soon you will feel extremely tired. This can also disturb your posture and demure. So from now on don't show off by sitting in a cross-legged manner, rather take care of your health and sit normally and properly.

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