Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-8 Rare Uses Of Nail Polish You Probably Never Knew

8 Rare Uses Of Nail Polish You Probably Never Knew

Nail paint is an essential accessory to enhance your beauty. If there is some occasion at your home, any party, nail art is the best hack to look different. Although till now you can use your nail paints at your nail tip but after watching this story, your thinking will change.Here, are some tips that you can do at your home. And I am telling you it's totally worth it.Via
1. Seal envelope.

If you are stuck somewhere and you can't find glue stick, paint the inside of the envelope with the transparent nail paint to seal the envelope.

2. Prevent metal allergies.

Put clear nail paint at the back of earrings, wait till dry, it will reduce the chances of skin infection.

3. Thread a needle.

If threading a needle is a hassle for you, paint the end of the thread with the clear nail polish to harden the thread end. Tada, you are done.

4. Organise keys.

As we know girls can remind the colors easily, paint the tops of the key with different nail paints to remember what each key is for.

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