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8 Oh-So-Relatable Pregnancy Moments With The Kardashians


Pregnant or not, these are maybe the most natural and relatable moments that took place with the Kardashians. This is a list of such moments you'll probably find so attached to. Enjoy! Images via Buzzfeed

1) The time when Kourtney wasn't sure

This is probably the most natural moments of our lives. Remember when Kourtney wasn't quite ready to trust her positive test? She took at least 4-5 more to confirm that she was pregnant, just like you.

2) When Kim had troubles adjusting to her pregnancy body

Kim struggled so much to get used to of her pregnant body, and it did take a lot of time.

3) When Kim got this reaction from Khloe

Kim got a very excited reaction from her sister, which was a little scary for her too. She was told by Khloe she's gonna have an, even more, huge ass!

4) Gradually, Kourtney got used to this

Initially, it wasn't easy. But then gradually, Kourtney got used to being poked and prodded. Sisters can get away with a lot of things.

5) Kourtney's pregnancy cravings

When Rachael Ray asked Kourtney about all the things she craves for at the time of her pregnancy, Kourtney was like cheeseburgers!

6) Kim said no to cameras in the delivery room

When someone suggested that Kim should take a camera in her delivery room, she frankly refused by saying “no one wants to see that”.

7) Kim's pregnancy daydreaming

C'mon! Everybody does daydreaming and trying to imagine how their baby would look like.

8) When Kim shared this moment with her Mom

This was probably one of the sweetest moments when Kim shared her ultrasound sessions with her mother.

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