Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-8 Gross And Weird Things For Fat And Lazy People

8 Gross And Weird Things For Fat And Lazy People


The world owes its advancement in technology and comfort to the inventions of several noble men and women in history. However, some innovations are simply so weird that one has to wonder how they even contribute to the advancement and the act of moving forward. Think about it: the inventions showcased here are meant for fat people, but don't they encourage people to be lazy as well? Check them out, and decide for yourself!

1. A little help with wiping

Meant for those who can't reach their butts, or are too lazy to.

2. Extended seatbelt for the obese


So, the obese don't feel left out.

3. Even toilets break down

That'd create quite the conundrum.

4. Artificial abs maker

For the ones too lazy to hit the gym.

5. Rag on a stick

6. The Great John.

Great toilet for the physically great.

7. A little laughter won't hurt

8. That's true, when you think about it

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