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8 Facts You Should Know About Breasts

8 Facts You Should Know About Breasts

BREASTS, men love staring at them, and women are not so fascinated by the idea of just having them because many find it so irritating to carry them. Idk why people make such big issues about it, after all, it's just another body part that a woman has. Please relax dude. You cannot really undermine the importance of this body part anyway, right? I mean, the major reason we are all healthy today is because of this body part of the woman. Anyway, this body part is so much more than we know about it. So, let's see some facts about this body part that we didn't really know.

1. What is inside?

They contain 15 to 20 lobules filled alveoli, where milk is stored. These are connected to the nipples by ducts that carry milk.

2. First bra ever

Okay, women wear bras to hold breasts, it's not a big deal, first of all. Bras come in varieties, the first bra ever was patented Mary Phelps Jacobs in 1914. This was two handkerchiefs sewn together with ribbons as straps. First push up bra came in 1948.

3. Art

Art is everywhere around you. You see mannequins without clothes with perfect bodies. But this tradition goes back to Palaeolithic Age with naked women being made.

4. It's genetic

People keep on saying, Size doesn't matter to make people feel better, but, in reality, size really matters. Genetic markers are responsible for breast size. Even breast cancer can be passed on.

5. Sagging Breasts

Bigger boobs are a sign of motherhood but then later come sagging breasts which are not something women are generally fond of. The more the pregnancies, the bigger the problem.

6. Breast lumps

These can be caused by infections, injections etc. They cause no particular pain but can be a cause of cancer.

7. Backup options

Back in the time before operations happened, if women could not feed the baby, they had other nurses do it for them. It kind became a culture in upper class. Now these just seem queer to people and they don't do it.

8. The bigger the better?

Maybe you're not happy with the breasts that you have, but then you cannot go for surgery. Surely it helps you look better-increasing confidence, but with it comes health issues.

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