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8 Extreme Effects You Didn't Know Alcohol Leaves In Our Body

8 Extreme Effects You Didn't Know Alcohol Leaves In Our Body

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Alcohol harms our body in more ways than you can ever imagine. Alcohol is the cause of all the main problems related to our health and mind.You may have drunk too many this party season. On an average, a man is consuming way more alcohol than what is advised by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCI). Eventually, alcohol weakens our immune system which results in severe diseases down the road. Read on to know about the problems our body faces after consumption of way more alcohol. 

Risk of miscarriage:


Consumption of alcohol decreases fertility in both men and women. The sperm of a man loses its fertility due to increase in the alcohol consumption. In women, alcohol consumption is, even more, dangerous. It increases the risk of miscarriage or in extreme cases, a woman can even lose the ability to conceive.

2. Risk of cancer:


Alcohol or in a simpler form, ethanol is very dangerous for the body as it promotes the risk of cancer in the human body. Ethanol mixes with bodily fluids or tobacco smoke and harms the body in more than one ways. Alcohol poses a threat of many types of cancer which include Mouth, Throat, Esophagus, Liver, Bowel and Breast cancer.

3. Risk of Liver failure:


Alcohol breaks down as fat in the body and gets accumulated in the liver. This makes the liver go fat which increases the risk of diseases in our body. It is said that one bottle of vodka contains the same quantity of fat as in a pack of whipped cream.



The increase in the consumption of alcohol leads to severe dehydration in the body. When you wake up with a still hangover, you may have seen grey spots and wrinkles on your skin. It is believed that alcohol promotes the ageing process in human bodies.

Risk of brain problems:

Alcohol can get you in the happy mode you wish to be in, but you must know that if you try to be in this zone on a regular basis, you may have to face some brain problems in the future. Alcohol can rewire the brain and make it function in a different way than normal. Most of the accidents occur because of alcohol as it completely changes the brain function.

Risk of heart problems:

Alcohol consumption can make the heart tissues go smaller. They make the cells so weak that they no longer can pump blood in and out of the heart. Alcohol can even damage the blood vessels in our body!

Risk of kidney failures:

The increase in the consumption of alcohol can lead to various kidney-related diseases. The main function of a kidney is to filter the waste of the body. But, alcohol can deprive the kidneys of this function. As alcohol decreases the water level in the body, the kidney is unable to filter the water wastes.

8. Weakness in the bones:

Alcohol also weakens the bones of our body. Alcohol drinking people have more risk of fractures and sprains than a normal person.

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