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7 Unhealthy Habits Causing Kidney Stones And Their Preventions


We welcomed this new year with several plans and resolutions. Many of us might have thought to join a gym, go for running, have a proper diet and do whatever it takes to stay healthy and fit. Well, that's indeed a good beginning of the year. After one good thing of thinking about health, it comes to support it with required actions as well, which is certainly a difficult task.Nowadays, Health and fitness have become a matter of paying serious attention towards it, as every now-and-then a new ailment gets auto-discovered. So, it is certainly important for us to take protective measures and create a mighty shell all around to fight with diseases and infections."Kidney stones", a known disease came into the picture due to its increasing number of patients. In the US, a health survey organization put in their record that 13% of men and 7% of women have a risk of kidney stone formation once in their life. It also mentions that there are 50% chances of having it again in five years. Keep in mind, our daily routine, habits, diet and intakes play a very important role in order to keep us away from falling sick. This article is all about the same. The story ahead tells you about do's and don't's to avoid developing kidney stones in your body. Take precautions and say STOP to diseases that dare to come over you.

1. Lack of Calcium.

Food is the fuel for your body. Tasty dishes indeed come at the priority but not to forget that your diet must include the required minerals and nutrients that keep you away from annoying diseases. Consuming calcium enriched food not only strengthens your bones but also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

2. Consuming too much of processed salt.

Salt is the most important among all the spices we add to our food. Its presence or absence in dishes truly affects the taste, moreover in the same way it does affect one's health as well. High consumption of salt comes with the risk of kidney stone formation and it also irregulates blood circulation in the body.

3. Citrus juice helps in curing and breaking down kidney stones.

Citrus fruits like lemon contain citrate that is used as a medicine to treat kidney stones and various other health problems.

4. Overconsumption of black tea is dangerous.

A cup of tea in a day would not cause any major problem in your body but increasing its quantity will be like playing a risk with your health. Black tea contains oxalate which supports the formation of the kidney stone.

5. Drinking soda could never be a healthy choice.

Soda contains phosphorus acid that increases acidity inside your body and urine as well as promotes the development of kidney stones.

6. Medicines and drugs

Medicines have laxatives in them which tend to make it difficult for our body to absorb nutrients, leading to an electrolyte imbalance. Thus, it increases the risk of kidney stone formation.

7. Dehydration

3-5 litres of water is essential on a daily basis as after oxygen it is the second most mandatory thing we consume. Water plays a major role in keeping us healthy, fit, clean and look beautiful. That's the reason the lack of it creates several diseases in our body including kidney stones.

Stay healthy and stay happy!

Life has value beyond measure and as we have it, we are totally responsible for taking its care. It won't take much but just 30 minutes of regular exercise, plenty of water intake and a balanced diet for healthy and happy you. Keep following simple things to remain away from ailments and stay fit. I truly appreciate you as you landed on this article, I must say that you remain stuck to your resolution that have taken for your health, and you are ready to be with it for this entire year.
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