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7 Things People Lie About On Dating Websites

The world is modernizing and so is the procedure of dating. We don't think about meeting our beaus in parks but the prospects of finding love online is beginning to blossom. In this world of online dating, we tend to forget that it cuts down on actual human contact and there are grave lies that people can tell on their online dating profiles. Although, some modifications are alright, you need to watch out for the major chunk of lies.

1. Weight

Although, weight is a measure that keeps fluctuating but blatantly lying about 10-15kg less is not cool. Try to keep it to realistic measures so that your potential dates also know you better.

2. Body type

Don't put in 'athletic' when you start going breathless after climbing one flight of stairs. State how you are and don't lie about it.

3. Height

In over half of online dating profiles, people lie about their height. It's usually the men doing the lying out here when they add a few inches to their height.

4. Age

Again, men are leading in lying about their age. Women do it as well but the ratio of men to women is about 2:1.

5. Income

So whatever you are putting as your income, you would be attracting the wrong kind of suitors. Put a high income and it may attract gold diggers, put a low income and you may scare away potential partners who want to split the bill equally. It is best to omit to mention your income on online dating profiles.

6. Job title and type

Men do most of the lying here and exaggerate their position in their workplace so that women find them more in control of the professional aspect of their lives.

7. Lifestyle

Most people lie a lot about their lifestyle because they feel they don't have a 'good enough' lifestyle to attract good partners. They feel that a more home bound or lazy type of lifestyle will not get them popular among the potential suitors.

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