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7 Surprising Uses Of Ketchup That Would Blow Your Mind

7 Surprising Uses Of Ketchup That Would Blow Your Mind


Since we were little kids, our diet plans definitely had some ketchup in them. Each time our mother would cook up something we don't like, ketchup would be our savior. But, do you know that ketchup has some unique and creative uses as well? If you don't, we are here to tell you. 

1. Cleaning copper

Copper items or utensils can be cleaned by squirting some ketchup over them. Wipe it off with some clean cloth after.

2. Face mask

Since tomatoes are good for removing tan, ketchup also serves the same purpose. It helps to de-tan and clean out dirt.

3. Old ketchup bottles

They too are useful. You can pour pancake butter and make those perfectly shaped pancakes for breakfast next time.

4. Salad dressing

You can also use ketchup in your salad. Make sure you add it according to your taste so that the salad doesn't taste too sweet.

5. Shrimp sauce

You can prepare some yummy shrimp cocktail sauce using a little bit of ketchup in your ingredients. It tastes good and it would give a good hint of sweet for your sauce.

6. As a soup base

Tomato ketchup serves as an awesome soup base. You could add according to your taste and other ingredients that you're using, but it would definitely heighten up your chef values.

7. Upgrade the taste of your chicken recipe


While preparing gravy for your chicken, you can always add some ketchup to improve the taste. It's an ingredient your kids definitely won't mind.

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