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7 Easy Steps To Get Into The Cuddling Stage In Your Relationship


Ah, relationship for me is the connection or bonding between two persons that changes the world around them. A relationship brings about many small changes in the lives of both the individuals, that in turn change them for better.Many of my friends curiously asked me about the steps involved in a relationship to make it deeper and stronger. So, I started with the cuddling stage (assuming they are done with the other steps). And thus, I enlisted seven easy steps involved to get into cuddling.

1. Mutual understanding is must

If you have a lot of attraction towards your partner, and your partner doesn't reflect the same for you, it's clear that there is no understanding among you both and direct cuddling, or kissing can cause an awkward moment.

2. Try slowly and gradually

The most important factor that should be given importance in any relationship is giving time to each other. The slow process of coming into a cuddling stage is the best time in a relation; that makes the bonding between the two stronger.

3. Cuddling is not that easy

Sometimes, cuddling gets more complicated than the foreplay. Always pay attention to the signals given by the partner that show if they even want to involve in cuddling or not. And if he/she is not in a mood to take the further steps, then don't dare to force them.

4. Environment plays a major role

If you are going to snuggle for the very first time, then you should pay attention to climate as if it's too hot and you try to cuddle, overheat produced will spoil your whole mood.

5. Space limitations

You and your partner must be feeling like cuddling in between movies or in a queue while buying movie tickets but, you have to control your emotions. As choosing cuddling locations wisely is very much important.

6. Ready to cuddle

Cuddling can be of many forms, like a big spoon, little spoon, face-to-face cuddling and many more. Now, it depends on you that which type of cuddling you and your partner will prefer to do.

7. Do experiments

As soon as you and your partner get comfortable, you have all rights to pass kisses, hugs, tickling, massaging, etc. to each other. Share the article with your friends who are new in a relationship and let them know about these vital steps.

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