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6 Types Of Body Fat And Easy Ways To Get Rid Of It

There are many ways to combat obesity but the problem is that certain methods don't work for everyone. We need to understand the root cause of obesity before treating it. While experts have suggested some changes in diet such as reduce intake of toast and potato for controlling obesity, there are also a number of exercises to reduce the fat present on specific body parts. The key to fat loss lies in focusing on that portion where excess fat is present in the body. An extensive research was conducted to identify the type of obesity in different people. On the basis of that study, experts suggested 6 types of body fat and ways to fix it. 

Yorkshire health study classified 4,000 fatty persons into 6 different groups.

(a) Young healthy females- Young women suffering from type 2 diabetes.
(b) Heavy-drinking males- Men consuming a large amount of alcohol and suffering from few obesity disorders such as type 2 diabetes.
(c) Dejected and anxious middle-aged- Mainly ladies with poor mental health and fitness.
(d) Rich and healthy aged- Generally those persons who are healthy but facing issues of liquor addiction and hypertension.
(e) Physically ill but cheerful elderly- Older people with a sound mental condition but suffering from chronic disorders such as degenerative joint disease.
(f) Poorest health- Destitute persons suffering from a number of chronic diseases.

There are mainly 2 forms of body fat distributions.

Android and Gynoid.

Android fat distribution

As described by PositiveMed: "An 'android' fat distribution pattern is so called because more men than women exhibit it. You may have heard it described as an 'apple' body type when the waist circumference is greater than that of the hips."

Gynoid fat distribution

As described by PositiveMed: "A 'gynoid' distribution is most commonly seen in women. This is what many call the 'pear' body shape. In this pattern, hip circumference is greater than waist circumference." Check out the 6 types of body fat and easy ways to get rid of it.
1) Upper Body Obesity (Android)

If one doesn't exercise and eats too much, then there are chances of suffering from upper body obesity. Reduce the intake of sugar and workout for half an hour daily. Still if you don't get expected results, then you may seek the help of a healthcare expert.

2) Stomach-Centered Obesity (Android)

Excess fat on the tummy can be accumulated due to tension, anxiety or depression. You may opt for pairing exercises and relaxation techniques to get rid of this fat. For best results, you can take the help of physiotherapist.

3) Lower Body Obesity (Gynoid)

Most women suffer from this type of body fat. Lower body exercises and cardiovascular workouts are the solutions to combat this fat. It's little tough to loss fat from this portion but don't give up. Take guidance from a certified trainer to get results in a quick span of time.

4) Swollen Stomach Obesity (Android)

Swollen stomach can be caused due to high alcohol intake and breathing issues. Just reduce the consumption of alcohol and do breathing exercises daily.

5) Lower Body Obesity that Includes Lower Legs (Gynoid)

This type of obesity in which the entire legs get swollen occurs mainly in pregnant women. Water aerobics is the only way out to remove fat from the lower legs.

6) Large, Protruding Stomach with Upper Back Fat (Android)

This type of obesity is similar to the first one. It is also caused due to inactivity and the only solution is to work out every day. Reduce the intake of sugar in your diet and eat in small proportions. The only way to reduce fat is to know the portion having excess fat in the body. Still if your weight loss programs are not giving any results, then there may be some hormonal or hereditary issues. You must consult a healthcare professional in such situation. Please share this health information with your friends and family.

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