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5 Of The Most Ridiculous Myths About Getting Pregnant

#5 You Need To Orgasm To Conceive

Before you dismiss this as a ridiculous thing that nobody would ever believe, let's first look at the possible origin of this myth. An orgasm will help contract the uterus and therefore, aid in the sperm reaching its goal faster.
But of course, it is not anywhere near essential to pregnancy. It's either the desired result for those who don't want a baby or a bonus to those who do.

#4 Swallowing Semen Will Help You Become Fertile

While it is amazing that anyone would believe this, trust me, there are some reading this right now who think it's true.
The reason behind this is obvious; their current partner or an ex, is one of the world's elite salesmen.

#3 Breastfeeding For Birth Control

Yes, it is true that breastfeeding can help keep a woman period-free for a while, and as a result, less fertile.
However, the whole theory falls down when you consider that this is not the case for all women. Therefore, it really shouldn't be relied upon.

#2 Legs In The Air

There is a myth which suggests that lifting your legs in the air for a quarter of an hour or so sex will help get the sperm where it needs to go.
The problem is that it won't work at all. Sperm are good at finding where they need to go without this help. In fact, they're chemically programmed to fulfill their purpose.

#1 Missionary Style

It's quite amazing that this myth exists really but then again, the others are pretty crazy too, and here we are...

There are many who believe that the missionary position is the only one in which you can fall pregnant. The good news for those trying to conceive is that this is ridiculous. You can have as much fun as you like and get all kinds of freaky so long as the big boy does his job!

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