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3D Nail Art – How To Do?

3D nail art has become extravagantly popular, especially in the recent years and women love to sport them in whichever occasion possible. 3D nail art is indeed fascinating, but it requires a lot of effort and time on the part of the person as well. The art can be done by a trained professional or by the person herself. However, the required materials should be present while the making of the 3D nail art so that it can be completed more quickly and efficiently. It is not necessary for the person to follow the same pattern of the 3D nail art in all the nails and can decorate each and every nail with a different design. 3D nail art is quite durable and the person does not have to be extremely careful in regards to its maintenance, provided that the nail art has been done with perfection. Following are the types and steps involved in 3D nail art: –

Application of Rhinestones:

Rhinestones are the most common genre of 3D nail art. They are of innumerous designs, shapes and sizes and can be found at reasonable price in the market. Wheels of rhinestones containing various designs are available in the market at bargainable prices.

Rhinestones, toothpick, little water and regular topcoat are the requirements of choosing this form of 3D nail art. The rhinestones can be applied after applying a topcoat or can even be stuck on the nails by making use of glue. Howbeit, it is topcoat is primarily used to place the rhinestones properly on the nails.

How to Apply:
1) Firstly, the nails need to be painted with the requisite nail paint and should be allowed to dry completely.
2) After drying, a regular topcoat is to be applied on the nails.
3) Soon after that, a toothpick is to be used in order to place the rhinestone. The tip of the toothpick has to be dipped into the water and then the wet part of the toothpick is used to pick up and place the rhinestones on the nails.
4) The rhinestones are to be placed at the desired place on the nails and then, the rhinestone has to be pressed lightly from the top with the help of the toothpick, so that it sticks to the base.
5) After applying the rhinestones, the topcoat needs to dry.

Application of Dried Flowers:

Dried flowers come in several different types of designs and colours and the method of applying it is also similar to that of rhinestones. However, dried flowers are comparatively delicate and sensitive and needs to be handled with utmost care. The dried flowers can be picked and placed with the help of tweezers.

How to Apply:

1) The required nail polish is to be applied and has to be kept for drying.
2) After drying-up of the nails, a topcoat has to be applied.
3) The dry flowers have to be lifted and placed on the nails, with the help of the tweezers.
4) The dry flowers need to be then lightly pressed from the top with the assistance of the tweezers.
5) At the end, a dry or shiny over coat has to be applied on the nails.

Fimo Canes or Pieces:

These are made and composed of ceramic clay and each cane has a design or a particular pattern. The cane is, thereafter, cut into pieces with the same size and width and is then applied on the nails. Pre-cut fimo pieces of various designs are also available in market.

How to Apply:
1) The nails are to be painted with the requisite nail polish so that it synchronizes with the type and colour of fimo used.
2) After drying, a regular topcoat needs to be applied so that the fimo sticks to the nail properly.
3) After placing the fimo, an overcoat needs to be applied again on the nails and then let it dry.

3D nail art is a tedious task and requires immense effort and a lot of time and patience. The materials used have to be placed well so that it remains stuck to the nails. Howbeit, all the effort used to complete the 3D nail art is worth it as the outcome is mesmerizing and enthralling. The nails look very alluring and captivate the attention of many. More so, 3D nail art is very durable and that, if it is done impeccably, the nail art shall remain on the nails for days. The person need not worry about the materials coming out and does not have to pay too much attention on the upkeep of the nails.

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