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18 Amazing Benefits of Lemon You Haven't Heard About! You Will Love Number 6!

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Lemon is commonly used in foods and in beauty treatment as it contains vitamin C, calcium, potassium and other antioxidants. All these a good effect on the skin and overall health. The following are some of the health of lemon:

1. Helps in maintaining pH level:
Nowadays people use many unhealthy food which contains more fats. By using lemon at the start of the day can detox the body due to its acidic nature. It balance out the pH levels in three body.

2. Help in constipation:
Lemon basically contains an antibacterial substance which kills all the bad bacteria and allows the good bacteria to survive in the body which in turn relive the person from severe constipation issues.

3. Reduce weight:
Using of lemon with warm water in the morning can reduce tremendous weight. It also makes the day perfect by revitalizing energy in the body. It also helps to make the digestive system proper.

4. Kill parasites:
It is very difficult to kill the parasites and intestinal worms. By using the lemon or its juice can create the environment in which the growth of the parasites are not mature. This way lemon juice can kill the parasites.

5. Good dental care:
People can use the lemon juice if they are facing the bad breathing issues. Along with that the soar gums or the bleeding gums can be treated with lemon by applying the lemon directly over the gums.

6. Help in whitening teeth:
Lemon can also helps in the whitening of the teeth. It can be used with baking soda and apply it over the teeth. Within just one application, the teeth will be more sparkling than before.

7. Helps in good mood:
Lemon essential oil is best to revive the good mood. If someone is studying or doing any work which requires concentration than lemon essential oil is the best to use.

8. Helps to exfoliate the skin:
Lemon juice helps in the exfoliation of the skin. It has a strong bleaching agent which makes the skin even and one tone.

9. Helps in detoxifying lever:
Lemon helps to detoxify the whole body. The soreness in the lemon juice can make the harmonies and the nerves more active which in turn detoxify the kidney and lever.

10. Helps in high blood pressure:
The major cause of high blood pressure is more cholesterol level in three body. The lemon has an acidic nature which burn the cholesterol and reduces the blood pressure.

11. Helps in reducing dandruff:
Lemon juice and any of the essential oil Like coconut oil or the olive oil can help to make the scalp dandruff free.

12. Helps in cleaning feet:
Foot ceasing be cleaned with the help of lemon. Cut the lemon into two pieces and scrub it over the feet. It can clean the feet also make it more soft and beautiful.

13. Help to reduce fever:
Honey and lemon juice added into the warm water is the best treatment in the reduction of fever.

14. Glowing skin:
Scrubbing half portion of lemon on the face, neck and hands can make the skin more glowing by cleaning dust and making the skin tone more even and lighter.

15. Helps in lightening acne:
Applying lemon juice in the acne with the help of cotton is one of the best and natural way of treating acne issues.

16. Killing bugs with lemon spray:
Bug spray can be made with the help of lemon juice and carrier oil. This way you week be free from having strong chemical spray for killing bugs.

17. Helps in reducing pain:
Lemon juice has the tendency to relax the muscles and reduces inflammation in the body thus it helps in the reduction of pain.

18. It reduces varicose veins:
If lemon is applied on the legs than it can reduce the appearance of varicose veins. It also gives a moisturized skin.

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