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16 Weirdest Foods Around The World You Will Hate To Taste

Are you getting ready to eat or in-between your delicious delicacy? Then it is only fair to give you a warning. Here is the list of 16 most appalling foods from around the world. There is no point in comprehending how or why will anyone want to put these stomach crunching dishes in their mouth.These dishes are not only strange but downright disgusting to the majority. However, there are also those who will agree to disagree. If any of the dishes are interesting enough to tantalize your taste bud, then don't forget to let us know.While you enjoy the list, I will go grab a bucket!

Century eggs, China

No, they are not kept for centuries, but for a few months. This delicacy is savored when the yellow yolk turns to green and the white to brown.

Witchetty grub, Australia

Who doesn't want to snack on the 'yummy' witchetty grub? It's just an Australian term for white larva. Interested anyone?

Escamoles, Mexico

A snack made of Ant larvae. Yes. ANT LARVAE!

Fugu, Japan

You take a bit of Fugu and you die! This happens if its toxic parts are not removed properly. There are few specialized chefs who know how to prepare this delicious and non-lethal dish.

Fried spiders, Cambodia

Scared of spiders? Fry it and eat it! Seriously, you can.

Snake Wine, South-east Asia

If you are a wine lover, can you really miss this beverage? We guess you can! This wine is prepared by steeping snakes in rice wine.

Sannakji, Korea

Put a fork in the squishy LIVE octopus, while the tentacles are squirming! Sounds appetizing?

Blood Sausage, Europe

Want to be a vampire? This dish is perfect for you. Congealed blood cooked with suet and breadcrumbs.

Tong zi dan, China

Eggs boiled in young boys' urine. *Where's the bucket*

Rocky mountain oysters, US

Deep-fried bull tactical, a luxury food among the American West Cowboys.

Balut – Philippines

Incredibly unappetizing! Duck embryo boiled alive in its shell is often taken with beers.

Monkey Brains – China, Africa, and South Asia

Two words – Monkey Brain. Thankful for you, we couldn't find a better picture.

Baby mice wine, China/Korea

White baby mice in alcoholic drinks.

Wasp Crackers – Japan

Why eat a cookie with choco chip, when you can put a wasp in it? PS: They sting too!

Fruit bat soup – Guam, Micronesia and Africa

This Ginger and onion soup is just like any other, except the fact, that it is boiled with FRUIT BAT.

Cobra Heart – Vietnam

Cobra blood and venom is mixed with rice vodka and a cobra heart is dunked. *toasts* *faints*

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