Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-15 Clever Tricks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine For The Better

15 Clever Tricks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine For The Better


It is very difficult for women to maintain the beauty tips daily because it is vest tired job. But at the same time they have to take off t route hairs, newsies, face, foot and hairs and so on. The following are some of the tricks that will make you feel easy to apply daily:

1. Put your make up in a jar:
Instead of having a makeup in a tube, pour all the makeup in a plastic container so that they could be easy to apply.

2. Make Your own dry shampoo:
You can make your own dry shampoo with three help ofc homemade natural ingredients. This dry shampoo can be applied on the skin at any time and you can wash the hair any time which ever suit you. It will nourish your hairs instead of any harmful effects.

3. Apply mascara and liner simultaneously:
Mascara and eyeliner can be applied at the same time. This can also save your time. Rub the liner brush on the mascara brush and adopt it on the eyes.

4. Hair treatment:
Hair treatment takes a lot of time. In order to save the time, twist the hairs and cut the hairs which is out from the twisted hairs. These outside hairs are basically the split ends which make hairs dull and rough.

5. Fixing broken nails:
With the help of normal nail glue and the thin piece of paper can be applied on the nails. After that bud the nails,all the broken edges of the nails will get smooth. Now apply the nail color of your choice.

6. Clean the brushes:
All the hair brush and the make up brushes can pour into the soup water.Leave them for half an hour and then rinse then off. This can clean the brushes.

7. Make hairs volumized:
Make 4 to 5 braids of the wet hairs. After that apply the straighteners over the braids. When the hairs get dry, open the braids the hairs will get volumized.

8. Making beautiful lips:
Apply the Kool aid on the lips with the help of fingers.After that apply the Vaseline on the lips with ear buds. This can make a natural look of the lips and also gives a glowing effect.

9. Cleaning fizzy hair brush:
If your hair brush is fizzy then you can take a tooth brush and rub it on hair brush. This way all the hairs from the brush will be taken off.

10. Using Vaseline to make eyebrows clear:
If you use the Vaseline on the eyebrows it makes them mouse strong and hold them on the way you want.

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