Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-14 Most Amusing Eyebrow Failures Ever, #9 Is Super Weird

14 Most Amusing Eyebrow Failures Ever, #9 Is Super Weird


A woman always tries to look beautiful and in order to do that, she experiments with herself. And even when we experiment in science, they fail sometimes, so how are we different. Experiments can fail, and these pictures tell us, "see they can hilariously fail."

1) Sharp!

Like her mountain-like hairstyle, she even wanted her eyebrows mountainous.

2) Flowery!

I think she likes flowers way too much.

3) What did she exactly try to do?

Did she want to match her hairstyle with her eyebrows?

4) To The Point!

She wants to convey us that she is as straight forward as her eyebrows.

5) Creativity!

I think he should have shaved his eyebrows too!

6) Not Funny!

He believes in unity and he portrayed it by united eyebrows.

7) Original or Fake!

It does not seem to look original at all.

8) Epic!

This is the most hilarious one!

9) Gaps is in!

She wanted it like a zebra crossing, I guess.

10) Aggressive One!

I can only say @#$%^

11) The Foreign Doll

She tried to look like a cute doll but ended up looking like a devil one.

12) Why only girls?

Even guys can have a pair of cute looking eyebrows

13) Someone looking at me?

Now she needs to do something so that people will notice her and that was her way….!

14) Cute?

Please, someone go and tell her that she is not looking cute

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