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13 kidney Stone Signs And It's Prevention

According to the scientific reports, there are 1 in 11 people who kidney stones and when they face this situation it is a strong chances that they will face the same situation once again in their life.


Kidney stone its basically the mass of different materials that is compressed in a urinary tract. Kidney stone its very painful although it is very small. When you see this kidney stone through the microscope then tiki well see that this stone has many Sharp and uneven edges which make it impossible to go thorough the urinary tract. The reason why people experience this kidney stone is due to the unhealthy food. If people change their eating habits then it can be controlled.

Low Calcium Intake
One of the major reason of experiencing kidney stone is due to low intake of calcium. The oxalates in the body attract the calcium but in the absence of calcium it make a stone by itself in the urinary tract.

Taking More Green Vegetables
Taking to much of the green Vegetables that is the spinach and the green salads can make kidney stone as they are full of oxalates.

Taking Processed Salt
More intake of processed salt is also another reason of formation of kidney stones. So it is always recommended to take less than 2,300mg salt in a day.

Less Intake of Citrus
All those who take more citrus fruits are less likely to have the kidney stone as the citrus fruits contains citrate which lowers the chances of making kidney stones.
ALl those people who use more red meat in a day can have a kidney stones in the future as they are consuming more meat then the vegetables and fruits

Using Excess Of Soda
Carbonated Dogs is one of three make reason of making kidney stones. Even one glass of day may slightly make the portion of kidney stone so it is recommended to take healthy drink like juices and water instead of soda.

Laxatives medicines
Those people who take more laxatives medicines are in high risk of kidney stone.

Over weight
Kidney stones can also be caused with the people having an obesity. Extra weight chances the levels of the pH which in turns make the kidney stone.

Generic Issues
Kidney stones are also sometimes genetic and can be shown at some stage. So if is always recommended to take healthy diet and also make the life style simple.

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