Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-12 Super-Easy Hairstyles That Take No Time

12 Super-Easy Hairstyles That Take No Time


Everyone needs a little lift up of hair styles now and then. But who has the time for a blow dry or taking too many efforts just to pin up your bun? Well, not anymore! We have some simple and yet super cute hair styles for the busy college and office going women that barely take a few minutes to put up.  Here are 12 easy hair styles to give you that cool look and yet not take up most of your time in the mornings.

1. Easy chignon

2. The cross pin

3. Swipe it side ways

Just use an elastic band to keep your hair swiped to one side.

4. Tuck the band

5. The girly bow

You don't even need an actual bow for this.

6. For a fuller ponytail

7. The braided bun

8. The top bun

10. Turban-tastic

11. Ponytail knot

12. For easy curls

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