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11 Harmful Ways Your Bra Affects Your Health

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Vra size is very impotent in the life of the women as the wrong size and the shape of the bra can have a serious and dangerous consequences. Here are the 11 health related effects on the wrong size and wrong shape of the bra.

1. Effects of wearing wrong size bra:
Different brands have different size measurements of the bra so they can't judge to provide you the right size. So before getting tyre bra, you should measure the size by yourself so that it can fit properly.

2. Effects on neck, back and shoulder:
Ill fitted bra can cause a chronic pain in your shoulders neck and the back. The wrong footing of the bra has small straps whoch support the bra and is on the back and should. So wrong fitted bra can badly effect you.

3. Effect lymphatic system:
According to the research, wrong size of the bra can effect the lymphatic system whose functions is to detox the body. If the body is not detox than all the toxins in the body accumulate in the mammary glands which can cause cancer .

4. Effects on breathing system:
Unfitted bra can effect the bones and the muscles of women due to the tight cups outs the bra which can lead to the shortness of breath.

5. Effects on digestion system:
Wrong size ofc the bra can seriously effect the digestion system of the women. When they have a tight bra then it will disturb the stomach which in turn leads to improper digestion of food.

6. Effects on the skin:
Tight bra can give a serious effects on the skin. It can cause a rash and this rash can sometimes get more severe which resulted in infection.

7.  Effects on mammary glands tissues:
Tight bra can badly effects on the ribs of the person. This can damage the mammary gland tissues.

8. Heart burns:
Tight bra can seriously cause heart burns.  All those women who wear bra having an under wired are reported to have heart burns.

9. Improper shape of the breasts:
Wearing bra while sleeping can deshape your boobs. It is strongly recommended that don't use bra while sleeping. All those who are used to wearing bra while sleeping can use the night suits having fitted bra.

10. Sagging breast:
Continue use of the bra can give you a sagging breast. The breast get tight all the time with the bra and the pressure on the boobs mske your breast Sag.

11. Breast cancer:
If a women wear bra for the longer period of time then they can have a breast cancer at some stage.

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