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11 Early Symptoms Of Cancer Men Should Be Aware Of


I have been observing one of the most common habits of humans over years, and I found that a majority of them show notorious traits of ignoring their health related issues. Don't you feel so? I feel so, and I do feel it more strongly as I have experienced it personally. But guys, you have no idea what wrong you are causing your health by ignoring some of the risky symptoms of the deadliest of diseases.Many a time we feel like we have a regular fever or little tiredness, but we never know when the viruses causing them will convert into some dangerous cancerous cells. If you experience these below-given symptoms of different cancers, rush immediately to the doctor. Prevention is better than cure, friends. Why take the risk!

#1 Skin cancer

Any sudden skin changes, bleeding on skin, moles can be dangerous if stays for too longer. These are the symptoms of skin cancer that should be treated as soon as possible.

#2 Colon cancer

The symptoms of colon cancer or stomach cancer are fatigue and some other wide category of medical disorders.

#3 Breast cancer

Usually, breast cancer in men is not common, but it is quite possible. When the area around the chest changes by causing redness or scaling, nipple discharge, then report to your physician as soon as possible.

#4 Oral cancer

Accumulation of white patches inside the mouth or on the tongue is a dangerous condition that can lead to oral cancer.

#5 Blood cancer

A high fever is usually neglected by just assuming it as a sign of normal infection, but sometimes, if it stretches for couple of months, it could be the sign of blood cancer.

#6 Pancreatic cancer

If you have a gnawing abdominal pain, and you feel depressed every now and then, it may be the signal of pancreatic cancers.

#7 Gastrointestinal cancer

If you are facing difficulty in swallowing food, then you can have a danger of gastrointestinal cancer. Consult immediately to a gastroenterologist.

#8 Throat cancer

A lump or a swelling of the lymph nodes or inside the neck can be a symptom of infection or throat cancer.

#9 Testicular cancer

When a man feels any changes in the testicle's size, lump or swelling, heaviness in the scrotum, then it may indicate some dangerous sign of testicular cancer.

#10 Lung cancer

If you observe blood in your mucus or saliva, then the reason can be due to lung cancer or oral cancer.

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