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10 Tips To Stop Thinning Hair And Gaining The Thicker Hair Again


Lots of people suffer from hair loss due to stress, diet, hormones, over-styling, not proper nourishment and many other reasons. It's really annoying when most of the time you see your fallen hair scattered all around. Down here are ten tips which you should definitely do if you are facing this problem.

1. Eat more Protein

Your hair loss can be controlled by the amount of proper dietary protein. Consumption of meat and fish in sufficient proportion will help to build new hair. So, try to add as much protein in your diet chart as you can.

2. Apply conditoner to your hair

Not using conditioner for long can make your hair damaged and brittle. Never skip conditioner after shampoo, because it actually plays a significant role in preventing your hair loss.

3. Loosen up

Continuously brushing your hair and making a tight ponytail can cause pressure on your hair follicles and could cause traction alopecia. Try to do simple styling with your hair and make sure to loose your hair rather than tightening it up with rubber bands. Avoid hair extension and blow dryer as much as you can.

4. Laser Phototherapy

Laser phototherapy is considered to be the treatment of thinning hair. It offers a pill-free and lotion free method of improving hair structure and growth without any harm to hair. This therapy stimulates blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles which helps in growing hair faster and healthier.

5. Don't ignore your body signs

Sometimes hair loss can be caused by thyroid, particularly hypothyroidism, which often seen in postmenopausal. If you left it untreated this condition then it can lead to hair thinning and become dry. Visit your nearby doctor, as soon as possible.

6. Vitamins

Even nutritional deficiencies can be the reason for thinning hair such as low B12, and Vitamin D can slow down your hair growth. Proper intake of B12 can resolve the deficiency; Try to eat green vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish.

7. Increase your Iron

Low iron is also considered the main victim behind your hair thinning. Heavy period, being vegetarian, blood donor or a busy life can cause a deficiency of iron in your body. Start intaking high iron supplement like Florisene in a daily basis.

8. Trichologist can solve your problem

It is said that an early step can save you from many problems. If you noticed your scalp at your hairline and your ponytail is visibly thinner, immediately consult with a Trichologist. They are the one who can tell you the right path.

9. Live Healthy

Do regular exercise like yoga, running, gyming, etc. to keep your body fit and hair healthy. Don't forget to drink plenty of juices and water in a day to save your hair and body from getting dehydrated. Avoid junk foods, alcohol, smoke.

Now you can Blow your hair!

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