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10 Things You Were Doing Wrong All Your Life


Humans are said to be quick learners. But, sometimes we learn things which are actually of no use. You will be surprised to know that few of the things which we are doing on the daily basis are completely wrong. Like holding a burger incorrectly, peeling a potato wrongly, and many more.  List of life hack which will change your wrong habits and will make your products long lasting.

1. Rather than scrubbing a blender, just add dish-washing liquid and water, and blend it.

2. Use a disposable bottle to re-seal your favorite pack of cookies.

3. Turn the carton upside down and hold the flap down for a smooth pour.

4. Correct way of holding pizza so as to prevent it from flopping over.

5. Flush after putting the lid down

6. Never start eating apples from side. Eat it from top to bottom.

7. Perfect way of eating cupcakes.

8. Bobby pins will not irritate you any more.

9. We were breaking eggs wrong our entire life!

10. Right way of holding a burger.

Place your thumb and little finger at the bottom of the burger and hold the top with other fingers.

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