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10 Shocking Facts You Must Know About 'Shrunken Head Syndrome'


In the passing few weeks, the warnings and the reports from mainstream media show that a new disease called Zika virus is spreading outrageously in America coupled with many parts of Brazil. The World Health Organization announces a global health emergency over Zika, regarding its impact on babies and pregnant women.Let's check out what public health experts and paediatrics "Alix Casler & Robert Amler," say about it.

1. Zika - A Mosquito Born Virus Attacking World

Zika is actually a mosquito-borne virus which was initially found in 1947 and is now growing epidemic in almost 22 countries of the world including Brazil, America, and Africa. It is believed to be transmitted by the poisonous mosquito. It is a mild infection that gets out of the body within a week.

2. Zika Virus Emphasizes On Pregnant Women

Through recent reports, it is found that Zika virus gets transferred from a mother or pregnant women to the newborn baby during the childbirth process. Many children are found to be born with the incomplete brain development disorder. Also, the link between Guillain-Barre syndrome and Zika is still under investigation.

3. Microcephaly - Abnormal Smallness Of Baby's Head

Microcephaly is an inborn condition where the head of born baby is comparatively small than the normal one. The circumference of the head, in this case, is recognized more than two standard deviations below average size. And so the head of the baby look superfluous and improper.

4. Link Between Microcephaly And Pregnant Women

Microcephaly is generally characterised by the shrunken head syndrome. The cases of birth defect and Zika virus are found to occur at the same time, therefore there may be the possibility that congenital infection in Zika is causing the birth defect. But the results are still unclear.

5. Reasons Of Microcephaly

This birth defect is found to occur when the development of brain halts at any point during pregnancy as a result the head fails to grow normal. It causes the brain casualty with little lumps in it. This debilitates the ability to move.

6. Disastrous Effects On Health

The birth defect, Microcephaly causes subjective and intellectual wreckage followed by development disabilities. Loss of vision is another side effect that it carries. Hence it has devastating effects on a human health.

7. The Cause Of Microcephaly-Unknown

How this birth defect mechanism is yet to be explored, hence the results still remain unknown but it is too discovered that in most of the babies genetics plays a role. Malnutrition and few infections are too found responsible for it.

8. Other Possible Microcephaly Causing agents

Rubella and toxoplasmosis are two other infections that may boost up the brain deformities. As the fetus is more prone to infections and a disturbance in the development process of the baby can form a birth defect.

9. Brazil With Smaller Number Of Cases Than Thought

There is a good new regarding Brazil case of microcephaly. The birth prevalence rate is found to be much lower than originally thought and reported. But still the Brazil health department is yet to verify the cases and the explanation of Zika virus.

10. Zika With Low Impact On Later Pregnancies

Yes, it is true that women affected by Zika can conceive after two weeks of affecting phase. As far as known till now, Zika doesn't influence later pregnancies.

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