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10 Most Gorgeous Criminals Ever

10 Most Gorgeous Criminals Ever

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People can do criminal things that should land them in jail. However, there is no denying that a man could be handsome and that a woman could be beautiful despite having done sinister things. Yes, they might be wrong for what they have done, but they are still physically alluring. It sounds something like guilty consciene, but seeing these otherwise good-looking criminals tell us that evil is not exactly an ugly thing or person. Here are just 10 of the most beautiful people who landed in jail. Via

#10 Meagan Simmons


She might have gorgeous, messy hair, but Ms. Meagan was actually being a bad lady for driving under the influence.

#9 Jacob Miller


He was arrested when he was 25 years old because he had illegal drugs. Aside from that, he's also reportedly single. Perhaps you can pay a visit?

#8 Unnamed beauty


This unidentified criminal has beautiful black hair, and eyes that stare at your soul as she attempts to rid you of your belongings or something similar.

#7 Jeremy Meeks


He might not have much hair on his head, but those alluring eyes will make you want to shout for help because he has taken your breath away. He also has a girlfriend, who is also on this list.

#6 Piercings and blonde


This blonde beauty was not identified, but her piercing on her lower lip and on her ears are definitely attractive.

#5 Tears rolling down his eye


This is perhaps one of the most dramatic mugshots ever. He has nice, messy hair and he already looks like he regrets what he did as a tear comes down from this eye.

#4 Jeremey Meeks' wife


Yup, the couple is actually a criminal duo. So if you're looking for a partner, make sure that they'll stay with you for better or for worse.

#3 Is he a mutant?


This guy looks like he came from an X-Men movie. He looks buff, and his face shows confidence in whatever criminal thing he did.

#2 Lorena Tavera


Ms. Lorena was caught by the authorities for shoplifting. If she wanted some clothes, she could have probably asked over social media and men would be begging for her to receive their gifts.

#1 Chase Crawford


Just look at him. He has big, attractive eyebrows and beautiful, messy hair. His eyes pierce and those lips are to die for. Sadly, he was also charged for having marijuana, although that drug is now legal in the United States.

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