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10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Faced Casting Couch, #7 Is Shocking

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Faced Casting Couch, #7 Is Shocking


To achieve something big in life one has to go through a lot of struggles and sometimes the path leads you to wrong deeds too. Casting couch are physical favours that one gives to the director, producer or any other person who has a big name, and after that one can get a big role. The actress and actors don't usaully open up about these matters but here are 10 celebrities who have revealed their own stories about the casting couch. It takes a lot of courage to do so but they dared to do it. Via therichest

1. Lisa Rinna

Lisa told about her experience in 2010, that how she lost a big role in a TV serial just because she did not listen to the producer's dirty demand and afterwards when she was on Melrose Place, she met the producer and warned him not to do these kinds of dirty things.

2. Joan Collins

In 1960, when she was auditioned for a role of Cleopatra, she was offered that if she will go in bed with the studio head she will get the role but she did not accept the offer and she did not get the role.

3. Corey Feldman

In 2011, in an interview, he had said that how Hollywood is in danger due to pedophilia and how he had faced it when he was of 14 years. He said that they are everywhere. In 2013, he released a video about his sexual abuse.

4. Jenny Mccarthy

In 1998, she said that she had faced casting couch when she gave an audition for the film Under Siege 2 and the harasser was Steven Seagal. He had asked her to remove her dress and she denied and ran away. Although Steven says that he is not guilty.

5. Thandie Newton

She told that she was sexually abused by a casting director in her teens. In 2013, she told the media that how the director made her sit with her legs apart and the camera was positioned in a way that everything was visible and the video was circulated in many events by the director.

6. Gwyneth Palttrow

In 2010, she said in an interview that how she was offered a meeting in a bedroom. She knew that how her career could fall if she did not accept the offer. She is an Oscar winner too.

7. Megan Fox

In 2009, she told that she faced an experience like this when she became famous. Some big names in Hollywood were like this  and that was really shocking for her. All the big people only have a good mask but their real face is hidden.

8. Charlize Theron

She had a casting couch experience when she was just 19. They were her early days and she did not know about this. She was called for an audition in a house in Los Angeles. That person was in his sleeping attire and after some time, she realized that what was actually happening.

9. Ryan Phillippe

He became a victim of casting couch when he was just 19-year-old. He did not give in the details but yet after this, we know that it is not always females but males too.

10. Marilyn Monroe

She had many casting couch experiences and she accepted the offers as well. She gave sexual favors to many actors, directors and producers. She on the one side accepted that she slept with people to get a break in her career and on the other side she calls Hollywood, "an overcrowded brothel".

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