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10 Hilarious Perfectly Timed Pictures To Make You Laugh


Photographs are memories that will stay with us forever, well that is if there isn't a fire or something. Some photographs carry a meaning, some show happiness, some remind us of good times, and some are when you look good (selfie game going strong) and others are just hilarious.You can look at them anytime and have a great laugh.These are some exceptionally funny photographs that have the perfect timing for you to have them and laugh loud.

1. Uh, I don't care

Every Single person wants to kill people who love PDA. Yes, for the record it isn't cute, it's annoying. Well, there's this dog telling you how much he cares for your love.

2. I win the moustache game

This lady looks like her moustache game is going really very strong. Guys, you better up your game, she'll be taking more than suitcases.

3. The girl's reaction after getting a cheesecake

Who would want to lose their cheesecake? No one, especially when it's the last piece there is. But sadly, this girl's dream turned into a nightmare that to right in front of her eyes.

4.He has hot legs

It takes a minute or so for you to realise what this picture really is. But, isn't it the perfect timing? Well, it sure is.

5.Cross-breeding going strong

These ladies and gentlemen are the perfect cross-breedings for us. This animal actually looks like an alien from Men in Black.

6.Candid Shot

This squirrel surely wants to photo-bomb and look candid in that image. The couple is surely thinking “damn, this squirrel got a better shot”. Such sass.

7.I was just saying hello

Before your morning coffee, it's not a good morning. On top of that, if it's a Monday and you are running late to office, a cute little bunny's hello does not look good.

8. That's not Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the favourite childhood characters we all love. But in this image, the woman just ruined Mickey Mouse.

9. That ass

Wait, look at the right side of the image, isn't that girl's ass look just hot? Well, take a second and you'll realise it isn't, or probably is. We don't know.

10. Let's hope she knows

This picture is fantastic as a guy is posting, and the girl doesn't realise it but is definitely going to fall and that would be hard. Photographer this is your time to be the hero.

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