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10 Facts About Varicose Veins You Need To Know

Do you intentionally despise shorts and skirts because you have clear visible lines on your legs? We feel for you, we do. Vein issues are the most common issues in the world. But with the right INTEL, you can learn how to prevent them, live with them and even get rid of them. Scroll down to know all about these twisted veins. And, I am sure you will find a bazillion reasons to embrace them and treat them.


Oh, everyone knows how much we love to flaunt our curves in a skirt. And adore ourselves in front of the mirror. But what if you see yourself in the mirror and you spot those veins. There is no need to freak out. Here are the reasons, why?

1) They are not spider veins.

Yes, you read that right. Varicose veins are way too different than spider veins. They are two very different terms. Spider veins are smaller, flat and red veins while varicose are the larger purple ones that bulge out.

2) Lot's of women have spider veins but the larger varicose veins are rare.

And they require tough treatments.

3) They are superficial veins.

You actually don't need special veins to form varicose veins. According to the doctors, there are two types of veins namely, deep veins and superficial veins. Deep veins serve the purpose of pumping blood to and from the heart. Superficial veins are closer to the surface of the skin and are comparatively easier to treat.

4) So, what causes an innocent superficial vein to turn varicose.

The valves in the leg veins are supposed to pump blood to and from the heart. In varicose veins, those valves don't work properly, so the blood pools and causes the veins to stretch.

5.) How do they get that way?

Well, the answer is Genetics. While there are many other factors that cause varicose, genetics is the first one to blame. Don't thank your mommy. The other reasons include obesity, aging and pregnancy.

6) Lifestyle changes also effect the risk.

Tight clothes, wearing high heels for long periods or even standing for a prolonged time can increase the risk of varicose. Experts recommend avoiding clothes that feel tight and all the other ways that can increase adequate circulation.

7.) Varicose veins can be a cosmetic issue, a health issue or both?

It is possible for varicose veins not to be entirely a cosmetic issue but a serious health issue too. Some people might feel a slight itchy, swollen pain or even numbness in legs. If these are your symptoms too, you should definitely rush to the doctor.

8) Old compression socks work wonders.

Sometimes, the simplest methods work best. They work because they keep leg veins compressed and hence the blood cannot pool. Is this the reason that all those old nurses wore long thick socks while working that ass off.

9.) You can fake a fix.

If your veins aren't painful or prominent, you can fake them using makeup. There are plenty of products available in the market.

10) Hope is not lost for larger veins.

For bigger varicose veins, a rather invasive method is required. For larger veins, the treatment is similar to the laser treatment for smaller to medium veins where heat is applied to shrink the veins.

Now, that you know the myths and truths about these veins, head out and flaunt that flounce.
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