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10 Double Meaning Laughter Snaps That Will Jerk Your Mind


The double meaning word simply gives us the hint of taking two different thoughts in mind for certain object or identity. Here are Laughter Snaps that are not only hilarious, but they also have a double meaning. Now, it's all up to you, what thoughts these pictures brings in your mind. So, let's get started to make you busy in some crazy stuff. Yes, a big LOL.

Cherry from Harry.

This girl didn't even knew that someone made fun of her using a strawberry.

Thin Man, Tough Competitor of Mr Beans.

Hey, fans of Mr Beans, check it out.

Is that a big fart?

Nitro boosters installed inside the kitty. Here, goes the living Tom from Cartoon Network's Tom & Jerry on a space ride.

Grand Dad wants to check out some things.

What's behind the picture? Uncle is too curious.

Drinking Coke had never been so much fun.

Someone came across a naughty idea.

Oh My God! What the Force.

SOS! Fire in the building. But, at first glance, you thought it's a long and heavy pee.

Have you heard about D*** Head.

Funny diving attempt.

Capturing sports went wrong.

Ultimate fun at school, Naughty students!

Amazing pissing kid.


Give it a thought how is it possible.

Hey Delilah!

Thug Life, Lil Kid goes gangster on the streets.


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