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10 Bathroom Habits Which Look Normal But Are Harmful


Old habits die hard. When we form a habit, we rarely think about them. That's where the problem lies. You might be well aware that not all habits are good and so the bad ones need some analysis. It works same with the bathroom habits and you might wanna analyse them even more carefully. Here are some bathroom habits that seem completely harmless but can cost you your health.

1. Forgetting to wipe out door knobs and switches.

2. Using the same tooth-brush after being sick.

You might need to deep clean it or get a new one instead.

3. Leaving your razors in the shower.

If the razor sits in water for too long, it will end up rusting and contaminated with bacteria. Lightly spray it with alcohol between uses to kill any residual germs or bacteria.

4. Enjoying your super dirty toilet bowl.

5. Everyone drying their hands on the same towel.

You should have your own individual hand towel.

6. Taking shower in a hot and steamy bathroom without proper ventialtion.

7. Keeping your soap in dish.

It might be good petri dish for germs to grow in it unless there are holes in it.

8. Letting your shower curtain grow mold.

Dirty shower curtains harbor yeast and fungus.

9. Using washcloths you left in shower.

10. Using Loofahs for more than three months.

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